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email removed he Accounting Manager (AM) is responsible for all accounting and financial operations, as well as many general business functions that assure the gainful, uninterrupted and lawful conduct of agency business.
The AM is a management position that may include the training and supervision of support personnel, such as Bookkeepers, Accounts Payable Clerks, Accounts Receivable Clerks, or others to accomplish department responsibilities and goals.
The AM is accountable for the work product and systems of the department, and must possess strong experience and leadership to guarantee accurate and timely work from all department personnel, and to confidently provide information and sound business recommendations to agency executives and financial consultants.
The AM reports to the Principal.
Specific areas of responsibility and duties include:
Accounts Receivable:
Billing - Account Executives will prepare billing instructions and submit them to the AM for work-to-date invoicing of jobs in progress, and for final invoicing of completed jobs.
From these billing instructions, the AM assembles a preview invoice, which is reviewed and signed-off by the Account Executive, and then billed to the client.
A R Aging Reports - AM provides an aged accounts receivable report to agency executives weekly along with early warning of invoices that may become past due or uncollectable; also tracks receivables to payables to optimize cash flow.
Statements of Accounts - Establishes contact and develops good working rapport with all clients accounts payable departments and or personnel.
Ensures client account statements are sent by (12th) of each month.
Makes routine inquiries into when monies can be expected from clients.
Troubleshoots all problem situations and involves Account Executives and or agency executives to resolve problems.
Collections - The AM works with agency executives and Account Executives to determine the most effective manner in which clients accounts payable departments are pursued for agency receivables, including generating demand letters and working with outside collections agencies when necessary.
Accounts Payable:
The AM is responsible for posting and keeping an accurate record of the accounts payable that the agency owes to suppliers, vendors and other companies.
This record is reviewed with the agency executives to determine which payables to pay and when.
The AM then issues and records the checks.
A P Aging Reports - AM provides an aged accounts payable report to agency executives weekly along with early warning of vendors who may require special payment arrangements; also tracks receivables to payables to optimize cash flow.
Payables Management - The AM is responsible for the manner in which suppliers accounts receivable departments are dealt with.
The AM ensures certain media vendors are paid promptly, and knows who they are.
Cash Management:
The AM keeps accurate track of all cash needs the agency may have.
If there is a line of credit, the AM, after discussion with agency executives, accesses the line to bring money into the agency.
If there is excess cash at any time, the AM is responsible for investing that money in short-term instruments to earn the agency interest income.
The AM monitors client payments versus corresponding vendor payments to minimize cash flow problems.
Makes bank deposits and verifies bank statements.
Responsible for petty cash:
maintains, replenishes and disburses petty cash.
Ensures proper calculation and timely remittance of federal, state, and local government bodies for income and corporate taxes, employee tax deductions, sales tax and all other payroll deductions.
Completes necessary forms for sales and income tax and forwards to appropriate government departments.
Monitors rate changes due to insurance providers annual increase or other changes, and ensures new rates are reflected in employee payroll deductions and that all employees and management are notified of such changes.
Holds periodic meetings with agent(s) to get updates on better coverage, improved ways of submitting claims and or forms, etc.
Reports findings to management.
The AM is further responsible for all administrative functions needed to ensure an efficient staff payroll system, and ensures funds are available to cover payroll.
Ensures all timesheets have been entered, and any variances of hours worked by staff for payroll purposes are up to date.
Calculates amounts for staff on hourly rates.
Distributes payroll checks to employees.
Maintains employee records including employee absences (vacation, sick days, etc.
) and other information that affects wages, deductions, etc.
The AM is responsible for all administrative functions needed to ensure an efficient benefits package is available to staff.
Ensures employees understand and are aware of benefits they are entitled to.
Monitors when employees are due for reviews, and passes on review form in time for completion when due.
Monitors salary changes and when required, calculates retroactive pay.
Starts new employees on medical dental insurance, vision benefits, retirement plans, and beneficiary plans.
Monitors and updates files to show staff changes that affect benefits, such as marital status, birth of child, salary and desired coverage.
Maintains benefits programs and provides employees with necessary claim forms and assistance when needed.
General Business and Financial Reporting Planning:
The AM is responsible for preparation, accuracy, interpretation and distribution of all requested required accounting reports.
The AM has ultimate responsibility for ongoing administration of all accounting-based processes, paperwork and records.
Maintains all company accounting files.
Records all entries in company books (general ledger, journals, etc.
Maintains cost accounting records.
Contributes to management decisions concerning overall agency goals and direction.
Recommends any visible opportunities for agency as they arise.
Monitors all overhead costs associated with agency operations, and reports to management as requested.
On direction of President, handles corporate financial matters when he she is unavailable.
Consults with agency management for and authorizes purchase orders (POs) for any purchases not related to billable work.
Reviews and approves all supplier invoices related to non-billable work and or supplies.
Ensures timely payment of vital overhead suppliers.
The AM is responsible for assembling all agency information on a monthly basis and delivering by no later than the (15th) of the next month a proper balance sheet, and profit and loss statement for the agency.
Pulls report of actual sales to date for comparison against forecasted sales figures.
Prepares and or assesses productivity analyses of time worked per employee.
Involved in decision-making process on all accounting-related computer purchases, maintenance and operations.
Also responsible for ongoing evaluation of internal agency systems as they relate to agencys ability to provide accurate financial reporting to management and clientsReviews accruals to maximize cash flow.
Ensures they are prepared accurately and on time, including review by management.
Supervisory Responsibilities:
The AM will train and supervise support personnel to properly handle all tasks associated with operations of the accounting department.
Monitors support personnel work quality, and runs periodic audits to ensure accuracy and reliability.
Recommends facilities and personnel requirements within Accounting Department.
Please reply with your updated resume and salary requirements to:
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